Current Students

Students at St. Paul are trained in God’s Word and prepared for the world after St. Paul. Our curriculum is focused on enriching our students in both of these areas.


The curriculum and courses of study at St. Paul Lutheran comply with the standards of the state of Missouri. Curriculum summaries are available for each grade level (K -8) at St. Paul. These can be requested through the school office.

Our curriculum consists of:

Religion: Bible study, practical experiences in Christian Living and Memory Work are included in our religion curriculum. In seventh and eighth grades students participate in the Confirmation Study Program as part of the curriculum of St. Paul. Upon successful completion of the two-year course, the student may be confirmed and become a communicant member of St. Paul Lutheran Church. Religious memory selections are an important part of the curriculum. Besides providing a solid foundation of Christian doctrine, religious memory selections serve Christians as a comfort in sorrow and reassurance in times of danger.

Language Arts: Reading, writing, spelling, phonics, written and oral communication

Mathematics: Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and related areas

Social Studies: Geography, history, civics, current events, consumer economics

Science: Concepts in physical science, biological science, earth science, health and safety using an inquiry based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum

Physical Education: Body strength, coordination skills, rhythm, recreation, and team sports

Music: Singing, music appreciation and theory and hand bells.

Art: Basic principles of art through exploring various media, history and art appreciation

Technology: computer classes; keyboard basics, computer lab

3D/Laser Printing: Design 3D and 2D objects using a computer program, print out 3D objects and Wood Engravings

Home Maintenance, Metalworking, Woodworking, Architectural/Mechanical Drawing: learning about math, occupations, materials, processes, and measuring through various SHOP classes

Strategy Games: using critical thinking processes through chess, checkers, hearts, scrabble and other strategy games

Create a Country: You’ll create an imaginary, new country! You’ll name your country, create your flag, & decide how to make your country unique. You’ll also create a display to “show & tell” the features that make it special. We’ll culminate in a World’s Fair where you can exhibit and present to others and show off the culture of your new country.

Scholar Bowl: Do you know as much as a 5th Grader? This elective involves answering all kinds of trivia questions & you’ll learn tips on how to compete. Come stretch your brain and have fun. We may hold a mini-tournament at the end, so get ready to buzz in with your answers.

Debate and Conflict Resolution:  In this course we will explore your conflict style and personality as well as learn how to be a Peer Conflict Mediator.  We will also practice different scenarios involving typical middle school conflicts.  In Debate, we will explore the history and types of debate.  We will research the pros and cons of topics that are up for debate, in particular focusing on current events.  We will do mock debates as a culmination of our learning.  Come join us in adding to your life skills tool chest for learning to argue fairly. 

Athletic Teams

Our students are also able to compete in one of our athletic teams if they so choose. You can see our athletic offerings here.

School Handbook

You can view our School Handbook here: 2022-2023 School Handbook

Preschool Handbook

You can view our Preschool Handbook here: 2022-2023 Preschool Handbook